Sheep Embroidered Pillowcases

What comes with my kit:
Pre-Stamped Standard-Sized Cotton Pillowcases (2)
Embroidery Floss (green, black and gray)
Printed Instructions

Stylize your bedroom decor with these running sheep embroidery pillowcases! This pack contains two, 35% cotton and 65% polyester stamped embroidery pillowcases measuring 20 x 30 inches with 180 thread count. Complete with easy-to-follow instructions and a list of different stitches, this set is a great choice to spruce your home decor. You can also gift these pillowcases to your near and dear ones. The kit contains everything you'll need so let’s get started! 

Step-by-Step Instructions

Hints and Tips: 

  • Do not launder this item before it has been completed. The pattern tamped on the fabric has been designed to gradually fade during washings.
  • Machine wash, DO NOT BLEACH, tumble dry at a medium setting, remove when damp and air dry.
  • Use 2 strands for all embroidery.

Making the Design:

You will use 3 different embroidery stitches and 3 different colors in combination:

  • Sheep body, tail and legs = black outline stitch
  • Face and Ears = grey outline stitch edges, grey satin stitch to fill
  • Eye = black french knot wrapped twice around the needle
  • Hooves = black satin stitch
  • Grass = green loop stitches

1. Start by threading the green thread through your needle. Use a loop stitch to create the grass along the bottom of the embroidery stamp.

To do a loop stitch, bring the needle up from the back through the fabric. Take the needle down through the same point, but don’t bring it down completely. Leave a roomy loop behind to make the loop of the blade of grass. After making a loop of desirable size, push up the needle from the top of the loop, on the inner edge. Pull out the thread gently, but tightly. Poke down your needlepoint on the outside of the top edge of the loop, keeping it close to the other perforation point at the top of the loop.

2. Thread the grey thread through your needle. Use the outline stitch to outline the head and ears of each sheep. Fill the outlines using a satin stitch. 

  • To do an outline stitch, you’ll overlap backstitches to form a pattern that resembles the twist of a rope.
  • To do a satin stitch, bring the needle up from the corner of any one of the edges of your shape. Take your needle down through the exactly opposite point on the facing edge. Bring the needle up through a point very close to the first point of emergence of the needle. Pull up the thread completely ensuring that the floss sits flat on the fabric. Repeat the process until the shape is completely filled. Take care to place the consecutive stitches close to each other and within the drawn guidelines to prevent unwanted gaps in the middle.

3. Thread the black thread through the needle and proceed using the outline stitch to make the outline of the body, tail and legs of the sheep. Use the satin stitch to fill in the hooves of each sheep. 

4. Finish your pillowcase by using a french knot to make the eye of the sheep. 

  • To do a french knot, you need to first mark the spots where you want to make your French knots. String your embroidery needle with the thread of your chosen color. Make a tiny knot at its end to prevent the thread from running through the fabric you are working on. Pull the needle through the point where you want to make the French knot. The thread should be long enough for you to be able to point the needle back at the thread. Then hold the needle in your left hand (right hand in case you are left-hander) at the back of the thread and use your other hand to wrap the thread tightly around the needle. Next, poke the needle back through the fabric, close to the spot you pulled it through earlier. Make sure to keep a firm hold on the thread with your finger. Pull the needle all the way through at the back of the fabric, gently releasing the hold on the thread. Once the thread passes through to the back of the fabric, you will be left with a basic French knot on the right side of the embroidery.

5. Repeat the above steps on the second pillowcase.

  • Finished Size: 20" x 30" each
  • Fiber Content: 35% Cotton/65% Polyester, 180 thread count
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