Padded Laptop/Tablet Sleeve

What comes with my kit:
Knotted Trellis Spearmint Teal Fabric (1/2 yd)
Wall Grid Grey Flannel Fabric (1 yd)
Warm & Natural Cotton Batting
Yellow Buttons (1 Bag)
50 WT Cotton Thread White (500 yds)

Looking for something cool to carry your laptop computer or tablet in? Gadgets cost too much now to not protect them and these also make fun, thoughtful gifts for those who seem to have everything.  In addition to the materials in the kit, you'll need a measuring tape, a scissors, and a thread/needle or sewing machine.  Let’s get started! 

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Measure all the way around your laptop (or tablet/kindle, etc.) both horizontally and vertically. Add 2 inches to both of these measurements and then divide by 2 to give you the dimensions you need to cut. 

2. Cut 2 rectangles from your canvas, 2 rectangles from your poplin and 2 from your batting/wadding. Cut 2, 3 inch squares from the poplin and 4, 2x4 inch rectangles from the poplin. 

3. Cut the 3 inch rectangles in half diagonally so you have 4 triangles. Fold the edge of the fabric ¼ inch along the hypotenuse and iron it down. 

4. Pin to the bottom corners of the canvas rectangle. Top stitch close to the edge of the diagonal and then ½ inch away from the other 2 edges.

5. Place the two large rectangles of canvas right sides together, matching up the edges of the triangles and sew along the two sides and bottom edge with a ¼ inch seam allowance. Turn right side out. 

6. Place the two rectangles of the poplin right sides together. Trim ¼ inch off the top of each rectangle of wadding, line them up with the bottom of the poplin (one either side) and then sew along the two sides and bottom edges with a ¼ inch seam allowance. 

7. Place the poplin pouch (still inside out) inside of the canvas pouch (now with right sides out). Fold the seam allowance on the poplin pouch over the wadding and the seam allowance for the canvas pouch inwards, press and top stitch close to the edge. 

8. Press in ¼ inch seam allowance on all sides of the small rectangles of poplin. Pair them up with the wrong sides facing and top stitch all the way around the edge. 

9. Mark the button hole on one end of each of the straps and sew using a button hole stitch. (If you don’t want to tackle button holes, you can always substitute two pieces of thin ribbon for each strap, sew them into the top seam on the sleeve and tie it to the buttons instead. 

10. Line the straps up on the back of the laptop sleeve, 3 inches from each side and 1 inch from the top edge. Pin in place and sew a square to secure to the sleeve. 

11. Making sure you put the laptop in the sleeve, pull the straps over to the front of the sleeve and mark where to sew the buttons. Remove laptop and sew the buttons on, with either your sewing machine or by hand.

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