Hanging Plant Ornaments

What comes with my kit:
60 Brass Tubes (enough for 5 ornaments)
Jewelry-Quality Wire
Hanger Hooks
Illustrated Instructions

These sleek, modern hanging plant ornaments are the perfect decoration for any plant lover. They’re quick to make and even quicker to fall in love with. All of the materials are included in the kit; however, you fill need to dig into your tool chest for the following tools:

  • Ruler
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Wire cutters (preferred) or heavy duty scissors
  • Emery Board (suggested, but not necessary)

Adorn with plants, flowers or leave them empty. They are beautiful all ways.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Hints and Tips:

  • Review all instructions before beginning.
  • Leave no slack between tubes; attach them with the ends as close as possible at each join. 
  • Always wrap the wire twice when joining tubes to make the ornament sturdy and stable.
  • For best results, use nylon jaw pliers to straighten the wire before beginning. Gently re-straighten as needed while you work to avoid kinks in the wire. 
  • If a wire does happen to break while you are working, no worries! Just twist the ends back together neatly and hide the join inside a tube. 
  • An emery board may be used to smooth any rough edges or burrs on the tube ends. 

Making a Ornament:
1. Cut a piece of wire 35 inches (90 cms) long. String three tubes onto one end of the wire. Leave a ½ in. (12 mm) tail. 
2. Bring the tubes together to form a triangle. Twist wires together securely, several times.
3. String two tubes all the way onto the wire; the twisted wires will be hidden inside tube 4. 
4. Join at the intersection of tubes 2 and 3, forming a second triangle.

5. Repeat stringing on pairs of tubes and joining to make five triangles in all. Thread one more tube (#12) on to the wire. 

6. Thread the wire through tube #1. Continue pulling wire until tube #12 touches the other tubes to form a triangle. 

7. Join to connect the tip of the triangle on the opposite side of the ornament. 

8. Cut a piece of chain 1 in. - 3 in. (25 mm-75 mm) in length, as desired. Thread the wire from step 7 through the last link of the chain and wrap the wire around the ornament. Pull tight. Thread through the chain and wrap twice more. Thread through an adjacent tube and trim close. 

9. Grasp the loop of a hook with craft pliers and gently twice to open the loop a bit. String the other end of the chain onto the loop. Use the pliers to twist the loop closed and secure the chain. Adjust the intersections of the tubes, as necessary, to form an ideal shape. 

10. Repeat steps 1-9 for all 5 ornaments.

  • Finished Size: Approximately 3" each
  • Fiber Content: Brass
About the brand

Solid Oak: Chris Servidio and Steve Lord founded Solid Oak in October of 2008. Together, they offer over 50 years of business experience and knowledge in crafts, jewelry, and toys. They aim to produce affordable, reliably stylish, high-quality items for designers and artisans to choose and use in all of their fashion crafting endeavors.

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