Geometric Paper Hummingbird Wall Art

What comes with my kit:
3 Pre-Scored Cardstock Bird Templates (pink, green, purple)
1 Practice Cardstock Sheet

This geometric hummingbird wall art is the perfect statement piece for any modern home. With the pieces already cut out, scored, and labeled, all you need to do is glue and go! 

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Start by honing your skills on the practice sheet. Take note of the at the different lines on the red practice sheet. The dotted lines mean that you need to fold in towards the numbers. The dashed lines mean that you need to fold outward, away from the numbers.  The paper is already scored, so you’ll only need to make sure that the fold is at a 90 degree angle. When you feel comfortable with the folding on the practice sheet, you are ready to make some birds!

2. Starting with the pink bird, punch out all the pieces and fold as you practiced above.

3. To adhere the pieces together, you’ll need to look for the matching numbers. One number will be on a tab, the other on the edge of the paper. 

4. Put glue on the outside of the tab and attach it to the inside of the paper (so that the tab is hidden on the inside of the shape). You’ll want to start with 1 and match each of them going forward. (1, 2, 3...54, 55, 56, etc.). You’ll keep matching the numbers and gluing them together until your hummingbird is finished. 

5. Attach a velcro command strip to the flat surface on the back of the bird and hang on the wall. 


Repeat the process with the other two designs and your project is finished! 

  • Finished Size: Between 11.8"x11.4"x3.9" and 2.6"x14.6"x4.3"
  • Care: Do not get wet. Dust gently.
  • Origin: U.S.A.
About the brand

Papercraft World: Papercraft World is known for making unique 3-D paper kits that make for eye-popping, conversation-starting decor. Their products are precision-cut, pre-creased, and are enviromentally friendly -- fully recyclable and made from 100% recycled materials.  By choosing their products, you also support conservations such as Rainforest Trust. 

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