Embroidered Kitchen Dishtowel

What comes with my kit:
Sashiko Needle
Sashiko Thread (orange, mustard, blue, gray)
Pre-Printed White Cotton Cloth
Instruction Booklet

This beautiful hand sewn dishtowel can brighten up any kitchen. Sashiko sewing is a form of Japanese embroidery that uses a running stitch to create a geometric design. With its fun pattern and bright colors, it is the perfect statement item for your home. The kit includes everything you need to do the embroidering. For finishing you'll need a few household items including: white thread, scissors, sewing pins and an iron. Let’s get started! 

Step-by-Step Instructions

Hints and Tips:

  • There is enough Sashiko thread included to complete the design; you do not need to split the threads. 
  • As you pull the thread through, take care to keep your thread tension relaxed. Pulling the thread too tightly will pucker the fabric. When you move to the next section, sew on previous stitches by backstitch. It will make a beautiful finish on the front and back of the fabric.
  • There is a needle in the pack. Please handle with care and keep out of reach of small children. 

How to Sashiko Stitch:

To begin without tying a knot, first identify your starting point and the direction which you will be stitching. Insert your needle an inch along that line, leave a tail of 1 cm (⅓”) in the back, then sew three stitches towards the starting point. Turn around at the starting point and stitch back through your previous stitches. This will anchor your thread in place. 

A similar technique may be used to join separate threads. Start a new thread about 1 inch from the end of the previous thread, stitch through the previous stitches and continue stitching. Remember to leave a short tail for each thread on the back. 

Making the Dishtowel:

1. Following the color pattern on the back of the instructions, start your Sashiko stitch. We recommend starting with a certain color and doing all of the stitches of that color before moving on to the next color. Continue until the entire front is stitched. 

To start your Sashiko stitch, thread your need through the third dash away from where you’re wanting to start your stitch.

Leaving a tail of thread about an inch long, stitch the three dashes to your starting point.

Then restich over the three stitches and continue stitching normally in the same direction. This will anchor your thread without needing to tie a knot in your thread. 

2. Fold the cloth in half, inside out with the top (the printed side) on the inside.

3. Using white sewing thread, stitch about 1 cm (⅓”) away from the edge on the side opposite the folded edge. Leave the top and bottom edges unstitched. 

4. Turn it rightside out and sew the top and bottom edges closed in the same way as step 3. 

5. Check for any unfinished stitches and make sure your thread tension is even. Look for slack thread or puckering from thread that is too tight. If it is too tight or puckered, gently tug on either end of the puckered spot to ease the tension of the stitch. 

6. Wash the cloth in a basin of cool water until the print disappears. 

7. Roll the cloth in a towel to wring out excess water. 

8. Press the cloth with an iron through a dry towel or other cloth. Ironing directly on the top of the Sashiko cloth can damage or snag the thread.

  • Finished Size: 13.4" x 13.4"
  • Fiber Content: Cotton
  • Care: Wash in cold water. Press the cloth with an iron through a dry towel or other cloth. Ironing directly on the top of the Sashiko cloth can damage or snag the thread.
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