Clay Earrings

What comes with my kit:
Raspberry Half-block Oven Bake Clay (25 g)
Peppermint Half-block Oven Bake Clay (25 g)
Brilliant Blue Half-block Oven Bake Clay (25 g)
Tangerine Half-block Oven Bake Clay (25 g)
2 Earring Work Pieces
10 Jump Rings
3 Round Cutters (15mm, 20mm, 30mm)
Step-by-Step Instruction Booklet

Creating eye-catching handcrafted earrings made by you is easy with this all-in-one earring kit set with tutorial. This kit includes modeling clay with accessories to make your own unique earring set. There is no special equipment to create beautiful projects with this earring kit. All you need is the kit, a glue gun, a safety pin and simply bake in your home oven at 230°F (110°C) for 30 minutes. Let’s get started! 

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Break the light blue clay in half and roll it out with your rolling utensil. 

2. Break off small pieces of the tangerine and raspberry clay and place them randomly on top of the light blue clay that you rolled out in the previous step. 

3. Roll the clay so that it is flat and level, about 1 cm tall.

4. Using the largest round cutter, cut out two pieces of rolled clay. Using the smallest cutter, cut out two pieces of rolled clay.

5. Bake for 30 minutes at 230°F (110°C).

6. Once your clay pieces are baked, use your safety pin to create small holes for the jump rings. The holes on the smaller clay circles will be towards the bottom and the holes on the larger clay circles should be towards the top. Place each hole approximately 3/4 cm away from the edge of your clay. Attach a smaller circle to a larger circle with the jump rings. (NOTE: You need to make the holes while the clay is still warm. Otherwise, the clay will harden before you can make the holes.)

7. Lightly push one earring stud on the back of each small circle while the earring is still warm. (Optional: You can hot glue the earring studs to the back of the earrings when they’re cool.) 

Repeat steps 1-8, varying the colors, patterns, and sizes to create the earrings of your chosen style. 


About the brand

FIMO: FIMO is a globally-known maker of polymer clay. FIMO was first a plastic modeling compound brought to the attention of German dollmaker Käthe Kruse in the late 1930s as a possible replacement for plastic compounds that were scarce from war privation. It was not suitable for her doll factory use, and she turned it over to her daughter Sophie Rehbinder-Kruse,[3] who was known in the family as "Fifi". Hence FIMO -- from Fifi's Modeling Compound -- was born.

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