Adult Leather Moccasins

What comes with my kit:
Leather Soles with Cushioned Insert (2)
Toe Plugs (2)
Cuffs (2)
Laces (6)

These moccasins are easy to make and, if you were ever a Scout, make you nostaglic for your childhood.  Everything you need is included in the kit so let's get started!

Step-by-Step Instructions

We'll make the moccasins in 3 sections. First, we'll make the toe, then move onto the heel, then finish up by lining the cuff around the collar. 

Toe Assembly: 

1) Each moccasin has diamond-shaped holes cut into the leather at the base of the toe and at the ends of each toe plug. Tie a knot in one end of one of the laces just below the tip. Match the diamond-shaped holes in the sole and in the toe plug. With the unknotted end of the lace, sew the outside of the sole up through the toe plug. 

After pulling the lace tight, pass the lace back through the diamond-shaped hole in the sole only. Your lace should have looped the two pieces of leather together and be in between the sole and the toe plug. 

2) Pass the lace on the inside of your moccasin through the next hole in the sole and pull tight to form a pucker between the stitches. Hold the leather in place with your thumb and sew through the next hole in the tow plug from the outside and pull your stitch tight.

Continue around the entire toe passing the lace out through the sole and down through the toe plug, pulling each stitch tight, until you reach the next set of diamond-shaped holes.

3) Stitch through the diamond-shaped holes twice (like you did at the beginning), ending back on the outside of the sole. Tie the lace in a knot as close to the leather as possible. Trim off excess lace.


Heel assembly:

Note: Each moccasin kit is designed to fit two shoe sizes: one smaller and one larger. Depending on the size that will fit you best, you will determine how you will assemble the heel of the moccasin. To make the smaller of each kit, match up the round holes on either side of the moccasin heel. Or, to make the larger size for your kit, you will need to match up the diamond-shaped holes on either side of the moccasin heel. 

4) Cut one lace in half and use it to assemble moccasin heels. Fold the ends of the sole around as shown and match up the appropriate set of holes, fold the heel flap up over the back of the moccasin. Lace up the heel as shown by making an “X” on the inside and tying the loose ends in a square knot and trimming off excess lace. 

Attaching the Cuff:

5) Leaving about 6” of lace, go down through the left center hole in the toe plug, then out through the next hole. Begin lacing by folding the cuff over the edge of the moccasin solem lining up the holes. Lace in and out through all three layers of leather in a running stitch. When you reach the heel of the moccasin, overlap 4 holes for smaller sizes and 3 holes for larger sizes. Continue running stitch all the way around the moccasin and finish by threading the lace out though the toe plug as you started and evening up the lace ends. Tie laces in a bow and your moccasin is complete! 

  • Finished Size: Sizing: Ladies order shoe size and men order one size larger
  • Fiber Content: Leather
  • Care: Clean with wet rag. Allow to air dry.
  • Origin: U.S.A.
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