Llama Crochet Wall Hanging

What comes with my kit:
Printed Mesh Canvas (9.84”x12.6”)
4.5 mm Crochet Hook
Acrylic Yarn (linen, grey and black)
Fur Yarn (black, white)
Metal Needle
Embroidery Floss
Pre-made Yarn Flowers (red, pink and gold)
Tassel Trim
This fun latch hook llama wall hanging is a great project to do while watching your favorite show or listening to a good audiobook. Grab all the pieces of the kit and a scissors and let’s get started! 

Step-by-Step Instructions

A) Filling in the Background:

To note: You will have the exact amount of yarn for the background, so you’ll want to keep your tension tight when making the chain stitch in order to have enough yarn to cover the entire background. 

1. Begin by working the background with the linen-colored yarn, working across the mesh canvas. Leave one row of squares unworked on the top and side edges. Begin working from the lower edge with linen yarn, count up two rows of squares from the lower edge. Insert hook through this square. Keeping your working yarn to the back, yarn over hook and pull a loop through the square. (After making the first stitch, turn it over and tie the tail with the working yarn to secure. )

Insert the hook into the next square to the left, yarn over hook, and pull through the square and loop on hook. Pull yarn to tighten slightly. Insert the hook into the next square to the left, yarn over hook, and pull through the square ad loop on hook. This will form a chain stitch on top of the canvas. Continue in this manner filling in the background. 

2. As you reach the opposite edge or the printer square for the llama outline, turn and work the next row above. Make sure you keep the last square on each edge unworked. Continue working in this manner, stitching continuous rows of chain stitches until the background section is filled.

B) Add the Nose and Mouth 

Add the nose following the printed outline of the nose using the grey yarn. Work in the same manner making rounds of chain stitches on the mesh, filling in the nose outline shape with stitches. Add the nostrils using black yarn over top of the grey yarn and making one stitch for each nostril, tying in the back and trimming yarn ends. Add the mouth using black yarn with a few chain stitches on top of the grey nose as shown. 

C) Add the Eyes 

Add the eyes using the black fur yarn in a line only one square tall following the outline on the canvas. When finished, fluff out to look more like eyelashes. 

D) Make the Llama

Add the rest of the llama using the white fur yarn. Begin by counting up three rows of blocks from the lower edge. Follow the printed design and work continuous rows as before. 

E) Finishing the Edges

Upon completion, finish off the edges by inserting the hook in the first square on the left side lower edge. Working up the edge, make chain stitches to the top edge, turn and work across the top, turn and work down to the lower edge. When finished, tie a knot and trim the yarn to fasten off. 

F) Add the Fringe

Add fringe across the lower edge, placing one strand of the linen yarn in each open square. How to create the fringe: Working from left to right, insert the hook through the first square on the lower edge. Fold a piece of yarn in half and push the fold through the back of the mesh canvas. Pull the two yarn ends down through the loop to tighten the knot. Repeat in each open square across the lower edge. 

G) Add the Headband

With the white embroidery floss, sew the white band with tassels as a headband across from ear to ear. Sew the pre-made flowers on top of head between the ears.

  • Finished Size: 9.5" x 19"
  • Fiber Content: Acrylic
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