Boho Wall Hanging

What comes with my kit:
¾” Birch Hardwood Dowel (36" in.)
Rowan Handknit Cotton Yarn (Light Teal)
Rowan Handknit Cotton Yarn (Dark Teal)
Rowan Handknit Cotton Yarn (Fuchsia)

This colorful, bohemian-themed wall hanging is a great addition to any home’s decor. This project is quick, easy and satisfying to see completed. Grab the content of the kit and a scissors and let’s get started!


Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Start by measuring out the light teal yarn into 38 inch pieces. Cut 35 pieces and set them aside. 

2. Using one piece of the teal yarn that you just cut, fold it in half so that the ends line up and put the arch of the yarn underneath the dowel. Pull the arch over the dowel and back down towards the ends of the yarn. Then, pull the two strings of yarn through the arch so that the yarn is looped on the dowel. Make sure that you’re working in the middle of the dowel so that this section will be in the center of the wall hanging. 



3. Repeat step two with the other 34 pieces of light teal yarn until that section of the wall hanging is complete. 



4. Cut 30 38-inch pieces of dark teal yarn and putting 15 pieces on each side, repeat step 2 with all the cut pieces of dark teal yarn. 


5. Repeat step 4, but with the fuscia yarn. 



6. Repeat step 4 with the light teal yarn.

7. Repeat step 4 with the dark teal yarn.

8. Once all the yarn is looped on your dowel, lay it flat and comb out all the yarn strands with your fingers. 



9. Using the scissors, cut the yarn from the middle out to the end so that the line where the yarn ends is diagonal. Repeat on the other side so that the bottom of the wall hanging is shaped like a V. 



10. Use nails to hang the wall hanging once it’s completed. You can also cut an extra piece of yarn and tie the ends on either side of the dowel ends and hang it on a nail.  


  • Finished Size: Approximately 36" wide x 16" tall
  • Fiber Content: Cotton
  • Yards: 279
About the brand
Sage Wheeler Brown: As a stay-at-home mom, Sage enjoys taking the occasional break from her normal routine to create. She enjoys working with a variety of art mediums, but her favorites include watercolor painting and sewing. In addition to making the crafts, she also loves to photograph all of her content. She currently lives in Utah with her husband and son. 
Sage Wheeler Brown
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