Recycled Paper Art

What comes with my kit:
Mod Podge (2 fl. oz.)
Sponge Brush
2-Set Canvas (8”x10” each)

Have old papers you’d like to upcycle? Recycle your old magazines, flyers, posters, even old bills into custom artwork. The simplicity of this beautiful project will make you want to make this project over and over again.  Round up some old magazines, flyers, posters, etc. and let’s get started!

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Start by tearing quarter-sized pieces of paper from your magazines. You’ll want to sort them out by similar colors as you tear so you can layer them properly when the time comes. 

2. Put some mod podge on your brush and apply it generously to the lower left hand corner of the first canvas. 

3. Start placing the black pieces on the corner where you applied the mod podge. Seal the edges of the paper with only a little bit of mod podge to help them adhere better to the canvas. 

4. Continue placing pieces of paper in this manner, going from black to brown, to purple, to blue, to green. 

5. Repeat the process on the second canvas, starting with the green color you ended with on the other canvas and continue with yellow, orange, red and pink.

6. Go back over the edges that aren't adhering and use a small amount of modge podge on your brush to adhere those edges to the canvas.

  • Finished Size: 8" x 10" Each
About the brand
Sage Wheeler Brown: As a stay-at-home mom, Sage enjoys taking the occasional break from her normal routine to create. She enjoys working with a variety of art mediums, but her favorites include watercolor painting and sewing. In addition to making the crafts, she also loves to photograph all of her content. She currently lives in Utah with her husband and son. 
Sage Wheeler Brown
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