Modern Washi Tape Wall Art

What comes with my kit:
Modpodge (2 fl. oz.)
Foam Brush
12" x 12" Canvas
Washi Tape (8 rolls, black & white)

This washi tape wall art is the perfect statement piece for any modern home. This project is an easy way to make beautiful modern art and can be done in less than an hour. Grab a scissors and your kit materials and let’s get started! 

Step-by-Step Instructions

Hints and Tips:

  • The tape may curl up on the corners before you’ve sealed it with the modpodge. This is normal. Simply add a layer of modpodge over the top of the washi tape to adhere it to the canvas. 
  • The triangles can be whatever size you’d like them to be. To make a longer triangle, pull off a longer strip of washi tape. To make a shorter triangle, pull off a shorter strip of washi tape. 

Making the Art:

1. To start your washi tape wall art, pick the different styles of washi tape you would like to include in your design. We used 6 different tapes for our sample design, but you can pick the style of tape that works the best for your design. 

2. Pick a tape and pull off the size strip that you would like to start with. Cut the tape diagonally in half to create a triangle and place it in one corner of your canvas.

Note: the tape has adhesive, so it should stick well to the canvas. The tape may curl up on the corners before you’ve sealed it with the modpodge. This is normal. You will be adding a layer of modpodge to seal the whole design and this will help the corners lay down flat at the end. 

3. Using different rolls of tape, repeat step 2, cutting and placing the triangles in the area around the corner part of the canvas. 

4. Continuing this pattern, place the triangles going diagonally across the canvas in a random order. 

5. When your design is completed, put a thin layer of modpodge over the design, making sure to keep any tape triangle corners flat to the canvas. 

6. Repeat step 5 to place a second sealant coat of modpodge on your design. 

7. Hang your art work using either a nail or two command strips.

  • Finished Size: 12" x 12"
About the brand
Sage Wheeler Brown: As a stay-at-home mom, Sage enjoys taking the occasional break from her normal routine to create. She enjoys working with a variety of art mediums, but her favorites include watercolor painting and sewing. In addition to making the crafts, she also loves to photograph all of her content. She currently lives in Utah with her husband and son. 
Sage Wheeler Brown
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