Felt Hedgehog Figurine

What comes with my kit:
Felting Needle
Embroidery Needle
Wool (tan, light brown and dark brown)
Embroidery Thread (brown, black)
Felting Mat

This felt hedgehog figurine makes for the perfect desk ornament to brighten up your workspace. With a little bit of patience and a lot of wool, you’ll have this hedgehog made in no time. Everything you need is included in the kit. Let’s get started! 

Step-by-Step Instructions

 About Felting: 

  • Please read through the instructions to familiarize yourself with felting techniques and construction.
  • To protect your work surface, place the felting mat on cardboard or a magazine. 
  • Start with less wool and add more if needed to round out any shapes.
  • The felting needle is very sharp and has small barbs near the point. To “needle” the wool, jab the felting needle in and out of the wool repeatedly to interlock the wool fibers. Needling the wool makes it denser and turns it into felt. Be patient; this will take some time. Your pieces should be quite firm when you are finished. 
  • Try to work on the felting mat as much as possible. This will allow you to go deeply into the wool with less chance of poking yourself with the felting needle. 

  1. Pull the light tan wool apart and roll it into an egg shape. Needle it until it holds together. Continue needling, rotating the body on the felting mat as you work and adding more wool as needed to round out the body of your hedgehog. This piece will form the main shape of the hedgehog body. 

2. Pull apart the dark brown wool to make a thin, even layer. Needle it to the top of the hedgehog’s body.

3. Tear off a piece of the light tan wool for a front leg that’s about 1”x1”. Fold one end over slightly, then roll it into a cylinder. Needle it until firm. Leave the other end ragged to make it easy to attach to the body. Repeat this step to make another front leg. 

4. Using slightly smaller pieces of light tan wool, make the hind legs in the same manner as the front legs. 

5. Needle the legs to the body. 

6. Needle two pieces of the tan wool to create two ears. 

6. Pinching the ear together at the base, needle both ears to the head. 

7. To add the quills, thread the embroidery needle with two strands of tan thread. Run the needle and thread from the bottom of the body to the top. Use a single stitch for each quill. Go back through the body to your starting point. Pull the thread tails taut and trim the excess. 

8. Rolling the wool between your fingers, make a small ball of tan wool. Needle it to the front of the head for the nose. 

9. Thread the embroidery needle with six strands of black thread. Run the needle and thread through the head side to the other where you want the eyes to be positioned. Leave a tail of thread on one side of the head. On the other side, tie a single knot and pull it tight. Go back through the head right below the knot. Tie a knot on the other side and go back through the head again. Pulling the thread taut, trim the excess on both sides. 


Place in your favorite location to bring a smile to your face every day.

  • Finished Size: 3.5" x 2"
  • Fiber Content: Wool
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