Framed Embroidered Cactus

What comes with my kit:
Embroidery Floss (aqua, light green, green, and pink)
Embroidery Fabric
4" Wooden Frame
Instructions with Diagrams

Featuring an adorable cactus plant, this 4" “Stuck on You” Embroidery kit is an approachable kit for beginning stitchers and easy to work with anywhere: on road trips, while watching movies, or whenever you have a little time to fill.  Grab the kit and a scissors and let’s get started! 

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Begin by threading the aqua colored embroidery floss. Sew the outline of the pot using a back stitch. To do a backstitch, make a stitch sewn one stitch length backward on the front side and two stitch lengths forward on the reverse side to form a solid line of stitching on both sides. 

2. When the outline of the pot has been completed with the aqua thread, switch out the aqua floss for the green floss and sew the outline of the cactus with an outline stitch. To make an outline stitch, you’ll overlap backstitches to form a pattern that resembles the twist of a rope. 
3. When completed with the cactus outline, replace the green floss with the pink floss and begin sewing the pattern across the pot and the cactus flowers with a satin stitch. To make a satin stitch, make a stitch that consists of parallel lines that are aligned closely and evenly as to resemble satin. 
4. Finish your design by threading the light green thread in your needle and using a straight stitch on the cactus spine. To make a straight stitch, simply bring the needle up from the back of the fabric to the front where your line begins. Push the needle through to the back at the point shown. 
5. Center the finished design in the hoop and insert the circle backing into the back of the hoop. 
6. Cut off the excess fabric as close to the frame as possible. 

Fun, bonus idea: Paint the frame to add even more color and personality to your design.

  • Finished Size: 4" x 4"
About the brand

Bucilla: Bucilla was founded in 1867 by Bernhard Ulmann, a European emigrant who lived in Woodside, New York. Mr. Ulmann originally sold napkins, doilies and handkerchiefs printed with silk-screened embroidery designs from a pushcart on the streets of east New York. Bucilla has evolved over the last century but contains to be true to its roots in needlework. As new consumers discover the joy of time spent creating handcrafted items, Bucilla will continue to "thread a tradition" of needlecrafting to a new generation-for decades to come.

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