Me believe we are all creative beings. Creativity fills our souls and is something we think everyone  needs in their life.  It's beyond 'arts and crafts' but instead a form of self expression that comes out in a wild variety of mediums.  We all crave it, we all need it, and yet sometimes it is just too hard to find.  We want to change that.  We are building a place where everyone can peruse creative projects and have everything they need at their doorsteps in days allowing you to scratch your creative itch whenever it tickles your fancy. To feel like your full self again.  

Our Product Promises

Curated for Success. We have personally created all the projects, making sure to avoid those "Pinterest Fails."  While creative expression is never about perfection, the process should still be fun.  Our free tutorials help you enjoy the process and have a beautiful piece of creative expression that you can point to and say "I did that".

All in One. No need to hunt down those exotic supplies or go to ten different websites to get inspiration, instruction and materials. It's all here. Our kits have all the supplies you need and our step-by-step tutorials has been created by us.  All you need to do is add your own creative energy.

Creative Satisfaction: We get it. You have a creative itch and need an outlet. So do we.  Our projects span multiple categories so you can dust off an old skill or try a new one.  Each project gives you an estimated time so you can sprinkle some creativity into your life whenever you need it.  The tutorials are free so peruse before you buy and find the project that is going to scratch that  creative itch.

Shop, Learn & Make

Every project featured on our site contains free education & a kit of all the supplies you need. We work with your favorite craft brands and bloggers to create projects that leave you feeling empowered and creatively satisfied.   Whether you want to try your hand at something new, dust off an old skill or create a new one.  Join us.


Wood, Leather & More




This the beginning of something beautiful. Our goal is to fill this site with inspiring projects that you could peruse all day, everyday. We are growing our team to continue to offer you new projects all the time. In many respects, we are creating along side you.  So, let's make something beautiful...together.